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Our Story

How Candle Light Foundation started

Candle Light Foundation - Uganda (CLF) is a Non-Government Organization that was founded in Uganda in 2001.

CLF's primary focus is to empower vulnerable Girls and Women by offering diverse education programs aimed at preparing them to live to their full potential. The foundation empowers women and girls with vocational skills such as tailoring, hairdressing computers and economic empowerment programs.

All these skills can lead to entrepreneurial ventures the women and girls can launch upon completion.

The foundation also runs a High School for those with the potential to continue with formal education. It also creates a safe space for the women and girls to tell their stories and be heard in a safe and non-judgmental and empowering environment as well as to receive much-needed counselling services.

Most of the women and girls have experienced domestic violence, rape, verbal and psychological abuse from a very early age.

From 2001 to date CLF has successfully supported over 3000 vulnerable Girls and Women in Uganda.



Erla Harldosdorttir

Erla Halldórsdóttir founded the non-profit organization Candle Light Foundation in Kampala, Uganda in 2001. Three years later or in 2004, Erla founded the organization Alnæmisbörn which today is called CLF in Iceland. CLF in Iceland was established to support CLF's operations in Uganda.

At the beginning of her life, Erla worked in general office work, in kindergarten and in the laboratory. In 1979, Erla moved with her family to Honduras, and in 1983, they moved to Kenya, where Erla graduated with a degree in anthropology.


In 1993, the family moved to Uganda, where she became interested in orphans. After returning home in 1994, Erla continued her research into the plight of orphans in Uganda, and in 2001 she founded the Candle Light Foundation in Kampala, where homeless girls were employed in candle production and helped to establish themselves in society.


Erla also worked in Uganda and Iceland. Erla died shortly after the company was founded in 2004.


Rosette Nabuuma is a Founding Member and Director at Candle Light Foundation (CLF Uganda) 


Rosette has been with CLF Uganda since its formation in 2001.

Rosette met  Erla Halldordottir at the age of 21, Erla entrusted Rosette with the responsibility to run the organization at a very tender age.


Rosette met Erla when she was working with another organization called FOCA which looked after street children in Uganda, She was teaching girls how to make candles. Erla decided to start her own organization dedicated to empowering vulnerable girls. CLF Uganda was registered in 2002 with Erla and Rosette. as the Founding members., unfortunately, Erla died in 2004 (RIP). With support from the Iceland Government, CLF Iceland, World Food Program and BTVET, Rosette kept CLF running, Today CLF has supported thousands of girls.

Rosette is a fearless, strong, and passionate woman leader. Her incredible journey has taken her from her humble, East African home village in Masaka, Uganda, to the esteemed halls of Universities. From working morning to evening in the fields of her homeland, to mentoring and providing a voice for thousands of at-risk girls and women.

As a young girl, Rosette was born into a polygamist family comprised of 28 children, in a village that did not believe in properly educating female children. As a result, the will to fight against and defeat a power structure and dogmatic belief structure demeaning to women was developed from a young age.


As a Founding member of Candle Light Foundation, Rosette has overseen many transformations and success stories. Another mile stone was achieved in 2019, with support from friends and Rotarians, a sister organization Candle Light Foundation for Girls’ Education Canada (CLF Canada) was founded in Canada. 

Rosette puts her story in the book she authored:


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