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Who We Are and What We Do

Paving the Road Towards a Better Future

Candle Light Foundation (CLF) is a Non-Governmental Organization which was established in April 2001.
Candlelight Foundation’s main primary focus is to empower vulnerable women and girls in Uganda by offering diverse education programs aimed at preparing them to live to their full potential. The foundation empowers women and girls with vocational skills such as tailoring, hairdressing, soap making, bakery and catering, crafts and weaving, candle making and computers. All these skills can lead to entrepreneurial ventures the women and girls can launch upon completion of the program.
The foundation also runs a school fees sponsorship program for those with potential to join formal schools. It also creates a safe space for the women and girls to tell their stories and be heard in a safe and non-judgmental and empowering environment as well as to receive much needed counseling services. Most of the women and girls have experienced domestic violence, rape, verbal and psychological abuse from a very early age. From 2001 to date CLF has successfully supported over 2300 vulnerable women and girls in Uganda